Improving local services - the Wandsworth Health and Care Plan and improvements to outpatients

At our event in May 2019 those in charge of local health and care services told us of plans to make improvements to services across Wandsworth and also specifically for hospital outpatients. Read the report on what attendees thought about the plans.
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What we did

At our public event on Wednesday 22 May 2019 we discussed improvements to local services. We started by looking at a strategy called the Wandsworth Health and Care Plan, which hopes to make improvements across Wandsworth on topics that different services could work together to improve.

We then talked about the Outpatients departments at Queen Mary’s and St George's hospitals.

We wanted to hear about plans that service leaders have for change and to hear from local people about their thoughts and priorities relating to the plans.

You can read about these topics in our report on the presentations.

27 people discussed their thoughts and provided feedback directly to presenters in the room who could take back suggestions to inform their work. We have now written up the themes of the feedback from people at our event, in a report that the presenters and others can use as an insight in to these topics.

Key Highlights of what people told us:

Health and Care Plan: 

  • People wanted to know that patients can be involved in the plan.
  • People highlighted that sections of the plan appeared to separate health issues and age groups but in reality issues such as social isolation and the need for talking therapies can affect people throughout their lifespan.
  • It is not clear how health inequalities could be tackled across the plan and some specific groups, such as people with Learning Disabilities were not specifically mentioned.
  • People wanted to know more about how the plan will be put in to action.
  • Transport was highlighted as playing a vital role.


  • People shared some good examples, particularly mentioning the Nelson Clinic.
  • Improvements to administration were highlighted as important.
  • People felt some co-ordination of the care was needed.
  • That improvements were dependent on staffing.
  • People were not confident that using IT may not bring additional issues, particularly around data protection. They felt training would be needed and wanted other options to digital ones.


To read more about our discussions you can download our report.

Report on discussions about the Health and Care Plan to improve services and improvements to outpatients at St George's Hospital

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