What are the key local issues in health and care in Wandsworth?

Local people share their views with us on a regular basis and we ask them what they think it is most important for us to focus on. Below is more detail about our current focus.

Also find out about other opportunities to shape health and care services in Wandsworth.

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Our key issues of focus for 2019-20 

This year we are championing three topics that people told us were most important to focus on.

• Changes to how health and social care is delivered and how people access it, particularly the use of technology.
• Discharge and follow-up support.
• Immunisation, including MMR.
• Children and young people’s mental health.
• Perinatal mental health.

Share your experiences of these or any other health and social care issues.

Share your experiences

Have you had a health or care appointment on the phone or using digital technology? 

While NHS and social care staff try to keep us well, the ways these services are being offered have had to drastically change. To continue to protect patients from the coronavirus, GP practices and other health and care services are offering appointments in ways that are not face to face. This includes email contact, apps, telephone and video appointments.

Before the end of July, we need people who have a GP in Wandsworth to share their views on how digital or telephone appointments are working for them during this time.

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Share your experiences of wellbeing during pregnancy and early parenthood.

Share your experiences on mental health wellbeing in pregnancy, childbirth or early parenthood or during the perinatal period (which includes pregnancy and the first year after giving birth). 

If you are a Wandsworth resident and are pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months we would like to hear your experiences.  Alternatively, if you are a partner completing this, or are completing on behalf of someone you support we would like to hear from you.

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MMR Vaccinations

There have been more than 100 cases of measles in Wandsworth at the end of September 2019. Public Health have been encouraging people to have their vaccinations and want to understand the reason why people are not vaccinated.

Tell us about your experiences of MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccinations. 


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Community Support Model for Young People's Mental Health

We want to hear from young people about help and support for their mental health when they feel they are having or might have difficulties that could be described as a 'crisis'. There is some support in schools, but what about outside of school and in the community? If you have experiences or views on this topic, tell us more.

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Other local opportunities to get involved and have your say

Around Wandsworth there are lots of other opportunities to have your say directly with health and social care services. In fact, most publically funded services have a duty to listen to what you say and involve you.

We try to encourage them to do this and to do this better. See a list of regular places to have your say below.

To hear about new opportunities to have your say and current consultations

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Have your say on hospital care and community services

St George's hospital involvement opportunities

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Central London Community Healthcare

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Have your say about your GP

Nearly all GP practices in Wandsworth have a patient participation group (PPG). PPGs meet on a regular basis to discuss the services on offer at the practice and how they can be improved.

Get in contact with your GP Practice


Have your say on local NHS decisions and plans

Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for planning, commissioning or ‘buying’ and monitoring health services for the people who live in the borough. 

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South West London Health and Care Partnership is responsible for planning, commissioning or ‘buying’ and monitoring health services across South West London

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Have your say on mental health hospital care and community services

South West London and St George's Mental Health Trust provide community and outpatient mental health services across South West London as well as some national services such as those for people with eating disorders and OCD as well as national deaf services.

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Have your say on local social care services

Wandsworth Council run consultations on their plans and other events. They also have a social care user group.

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Have your say on other services

Contact us if you want to become involved in improving other health and care services.

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