Governance and decision making

Our governance shapes the way that we carry out our work to understand local health and care issues and the feedback and experience that local people share with us. We operate within the legislative framework for Healthwatch and the guidance provided by Healthwatch England and we involve local people in shaping the work we do.

We hold four free public events each year called Assemblys. These events act as a forum for us to inform local people about local health and care developments and to discuss topics. Local decision makers can hear directly what people think about services and how they should be designed and we are able to present and account for our work. 

Our Executive Board

As the Healthwatch corporate body, Wandsworth Care Alliance (WCA) has set up a separate Healthwatch Executive within the governance structure, to support strategic decisions on the direction of Healthwatch Wandsworth, to contribute to monitoring of performance and to support the work of our staff team, volunteers and representatives. The Executive is locally accountable so that it is able to meet its corporate responsibilities and contractual duties and act lawfully at all times.

The Healthwatch Executive now has eight voting members, four are WCA Trustees (of whom one will be Chair), and four members are elected from among the Healthwatch membership. Elected Executive Board members are elected every three years. 

Cherill Scott - WCA Trustee

Cherill Scott has lived in Wandsworth for many years, and has been actively involved with WCA for the past seven years. She was Chair of the Board for two years, and takes a special interest in WCA's mental health project and the Voluntary Sector Coordination Project. Cherill is involved in Healthwatch as an Executive Board member, a Healthwatch Representative and as an Enter and View volunteer.

Colleen Bowen - Elected Member

Colleen has volunteered for many years as a service user representative with a number of organisations, and has been a member of the Healthwatch Executive since it first began. Being a disabled service user she feels she can represent this essential perspective when working with commissioners and providers. 

Elizabeth Berner - WCA Trustee

Elizabeth has spent her professional life in teaching in secondary education, predominantly with the Girls’ Day School Trust and as a tutor in higher education in HMP Wandsworth. She has also been a Non-Executive Director of Merton Sutton and Wandsworth Health Authority.

As a service user, Elizabeth has at different times been a carer for three generations of family members whose illnesses have included long term disability in the community. Elizabeth also sits as a participating observer on the SGH Quality and Safety Committee.

Jamie Gillespie - Elected Member

Jamie was employed in NHS Mental Health Services from 1966 to 2009 and was also an elected councillor in the London Borough of Bromley, chairing a social services committee. Jamie has a wide experience of providing health and social care and an understanding of its politics enabling him to challenge providers of care and promote public and patient involvement in commissioning and provision of services.

Jason Edgington - WCA Director

Jeremy Cowper - WCA Trustee and Interim Healthwatch Chair

Jeremy Cowper joined the WCA Board as a Trustee in May 2014 and took on the role of Chair from April 2016 when Cherill Scott stood down. Jeremy is serving as interim Chair of Healthwatch Wandsworth Executive during 2019 while the leadership arrangements are being reviewed.

Jeremy’s experience of the health and social care sector before he joined WCA was as a service user and carer of a family member.

Jeremy retired as a senior civil servant after a career as a policy administrator, including work at the centre to modernise the organisation, governance and performance of the public sector. Later on, as part of responsibilities for government policy for food and agricultural production he was on the board of a company promoting the growth of co-operatives in UK farming and food.

Zenobia Cowen- Davis - Elected Member

Zenobia is the Chair of Bridge Lane Patients Group in Battersea. She also attends the Transforming Primary Care Partnership Forum meetings and represent South West London at the Transforming Primary Care Patient Partnership sub-group meetings to express the viewpoints of patients. Previously Zenobia was Community Engagement Coordinator with the Lambeth Metropolitan Police, building relationships with the local community in Lambeth and ‘hard to reach groups’ in particular. Zenobia also held various positions as Chair, General Secretary and Executive Member on the Metropolitan Police Staff Association.

Rebecca Lanning

Rebecca has represented Healthwatch Wandsworth alongside senior managers on Wandsworth CCG’s Engagement Steering Board and the SWL CCG Program Board. Rebecca has also supported the drafting of Healthwatch Wandsworth reports on subjects including LGBT mental health and childhood obesity.

In a professional capacity Rebecca works as health care consultant, focusing on advocacy and policy. This has given her the valuable opportunity to shape legislation and commissioning practices. Rebecca also has experience of leading local and national campaigns, for example campaigns championing the voices of some of the most ‘seldom heard’ groups. Rebecca is also a Councillor in Merton.



Staff and volunteers joining Healthwatch Wandsworth (HWW) are asked to declare any political, commercial or other local interests which could be perceived as a conflict of interest. Our staff and volunteers also observe the code of conduct which describes how to maintain the independence, integrity and accountability to act in the best interests of the organisation and the public it serves.

Decision Making

We have developed a decision making criteria to help guide or decisions and manage our limited resources.

Find out more about our decision making criteria


Healthwatch Wandsworth Governance Framework

The purpose of the Healthwatch Wandsworth Governance Framework document is to explain in more detail the basis for the arrangements the Wandsworth Care Alliance has put in place for the governance and delivery of its responsibilities as the body corporate of Healthwatch Wandsworth, focusing on the HWW Committee and also referring to the other HWW forums.

Healthwatch Wandsworth Governance Framework