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For better health and social care

What We Do

Much of what we do involves getting out into the community, listening to people, and attending local meetings so that we can find out what's happening with our services and what needs to change.   

Thankfully, we are invited to many of the regular health and social care meetings and forums in the borough, including Wandsworth's Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and our local Health & Wellbeing Board, so we're able to find out what's happening with local services first hand. We also regularly meet with the different areas of health and social care in Wandsworth, like the Mental Health Trust. We even visit their premises to see what services are really like and use your feedback to inform service providers about things that are good and bad, or that might need to change (see our Enter & View section).

This SHORT VIDEO clearly explains the role of Healthwatch, why we exist and what we can do for you. We hope you'll keep telling us what you think about local services. Your voice matters and can make a real difference to the quality of health and social care services in Wandsworth.

Email us - enquiries@healthwatchwandsworth.co.uk.   Phone us - 020 8516 7767.