Our Business Plan 2021-2

Read about our focus as your champion for health and care services in 2021-2 in our Business Plan.
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The past year in a pandemic context was a huge challenge on an unprecedented scale for us and for the health and social care system.

These challenges are likely to continue but it is really important that our community can voice their experiences and share their thoughts on how things could change.
We aim to play a role in amplifying this collective voice as your local health and care champion. We are already engaged in pushing for a greater public voice in an entirely new structure that will be arriving in 2022, requiring health and care services to work together in an Integrated Care System.

Each year we set priority themes to guide our work to keep us focused on what matters to local people. We’ve reviewed all of the experiences people have shared with us between April 2020 and March 2021 and discussed the emerging issues at our March Assembly event. 

Our main objectives for 2021-2:

This year we aim to focus on the following objectives:

1. Championing the voice of patients as services respond to the pandemic, building on what people told us last year and ensuring they continue to be involved in shaping services.

2. Listening to carers, people with LD and dementia about their needs and experiences, and the impact of the pandemic for them.

3. Working with minority and disadvantaged communities to identify if there are any issues they face in accessing services and new initiatives to address them.

4. Promoting communications between services and central access points to services.

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You can read more detail about what we intend to do and how we will do it in our Business Plan.

Healthwatch Wandsworth Business Plan 2021-2

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