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For better health and social care

World Mental Health Day - 10 October


Mental health is much like physical health in that everybody has it and needs to take care of it.

Mental health problems affect around one in four people and can range from common problems such as depression and anxiety, to rarer problems such as bipolar disorder. These conditions can profoundly affect individuals, impairing their ability to make it through the day, to sustain relationships, and to hold down a job.

Mental health problems can affect anyone, any day of the year, but 10 October is an international day to either show your support for better mental health or to start looking after your own wellbeing. Each of us can contribute to making sure that those around us dealing with mental illness can live better lives with dignity.

For resources and ideas visit the South West London St George's Mental Health Trust's website or to find out how others cope and get the support they need, check out the Heads Together website.