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For better health and social care

What Do You Want the NHS to Look Like at 100?


70 years have passed since the NHS was founded but what do you think health and social care services should look like in 30 years time? 

Demand for better services is increasing as people live longer and need help with long-term conditions. Advances in medicine are also changing the face of health care services and often mean that expectations are high when it comes to receiving convenient and personalised support.

Why sharing your views is important

The Government has asked the NHS to develop a plan help prevent ill health and improve the support you get and have agreed to give the NHS more money to help make this happen. The Government has also announced plans to publish proposals to improve social care for older people. It is essential that your voice is heard, not just now, but every step of the way. So we want to know how you think the NHS should be evolving in order to better meet our needs, and more efficiently.

Find out how you can have a say in the government's plans for future changes to health and social care services, because let's face it, we will all need to use them at some point.