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For better health and social care

What do you really think about local health & social care services?


Could you help us make an even bigger difference to local healthcare services over the coming year? Throughout July we're running our It Starts With You campaign, encouraging people to tell us (and service providers) what they really think about local services.

We've just launched our annual report describing what we have done with what people have told us in the last year. Find out how some of our older citizens at St George's Hospital in Tooting have helped improve services by sharing their experiences and opinions about care on the senior health wards at the hospital. You can read our review of the service and also the hospital's response to our recommendations. The hospital also came to speak to us at our event in May to give us an update on improvements, you can read the presentations here.

Why not get in touch and share your story with us by completing our short form. If it matters to you, it's very likely that someone else feels the same way. What you tell us really could make a difference.