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For better health and social care

Get Lippy in May with the Eve Appeal


Get Lippy is a campaign by the Eve Appeal to help women talk more openly about gynaecological health, smash taboos and ask difficult questions.

The campaign also aims to answer important questions like, why is so little spent on women-specific medical research when they make up 51% of the population? Why is it even harder for those living with a disability or with the effects of FGM, or for those who have suffered trauma or abuse to access the gynae health care and information that they need? Do we know what's normal and what isn't normal? Would we know when there’s a problem (abnormal bleeding, a bump, excessive itching, bloating, or pelvic or abdominal pain)?

The Eve Appeal is the only charity focussed on funding world-class research into the prevention and early diagnosis of gynaelogical cancers. They want to stop these cancers before they start. Can you help them?

Throughout May they’d like you all to Get Lippy. Some popular beauty brands are donating a percentage of their sales this month to The Eve Appeal. Buy one of the featured products to get involved. Or Get Lippy online and with your friends, family and colleagues. There are other ways to get involved with the campaign; you can find out more on the Eve Appeal website.

Let’s get lippy and get loud!