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Cardiac Surgery Mortality Review Planned for St George’s


A mortality review of patients who underwent cardiac surgery at St George’s Hospital between April 2013 and September 2018 is being carried out. The review – commissioned by NHS Improvement - is being conducted by a panel of independent cardiac surgery, cardiology and anaesthetic consultants who will review the deaths of all patients who died following cardiac surgery at St George’s.

During that time the Trust was found to have a statistically higher mortality rate than the 31 other cardiac surgery centres in the UK. In view of the above, the panel will examine the safety and quality of care received by patients who died during or after cardiac surgery at St George’s. The panel is likely to review between 200-250 deaths as part of this process, which will take place between 6 and 12 months to complete. 

Families and relatives of cardiac surgery patients who died at St George’s during the review period will be contacted if the panel identifies any significant concerns about their care. The Trust says that the cardiac surgery service at St George’s is now safe, and that the improvements they've put in place continue to be overseen by a separate, external oversight panel convened by NHS Improvement last year.

We plan to keep a close eye on the progress of the review and have asked the Trust to make sure that patients have a point of contact should they need more information. If you would like to read more about this review or would like to contact someone regarding your concerns, please see the attached Press Release and Information Sheet for Patients. 


St George's Mortality Review St George's Hospital - Press Release

Information Sheet for Patients - St George's Mortality Review