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For better health and social care

Build Bridges with Wandsworth Mediation Service


Wandsworth Mediation Service can provide a safe place for people in conflict to come together to have those difficult conversations. Mediators can help individuals get issues out in the open and find a shared solution that both parties are happy with.

Mediation gives you the opportunity to think about how you'd like things to be in the future, rather than about what has happened in the past. In the vast majority of cases, important steps towards resolving conflicts have been made where mediation has been involved.

If you think that you might benefit from help to deal with a conflict between yourself and a family member, neighbour or friend, why not get in touch with Wandsworth Mediation Service. And as mediation can help to avoid stress, worry, fears and anxiety - contacting them early on could spare those involved mentally, emotionally and physically. The service is free for Wandsworth residents on lower incomes.

For more information please visit the Wandsworth Mediation Service website.