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For better health and social care

Anger Awareness Week - 1-7 December 2017


Did you know that regularly succumbing to fits of anger can cause the following negative physical side effects?

  • Colds and flu
  • Gastro-intestinal (digestive) problems
  • High blood pressure

There are times when we are all hijacked by our feelings and emotions, especially if we come under additional stress or pressure. However, allowing anger to get the better of us can cause a tremendous amount of damage, emotionally and physically. This is reflected in the increasing number of incidences of domestic violence, crimes of passion, and various 'rages' (road, queue and trolley among them) which can all lead to stress related illnesses.

Anger Awareness Week aims to highlight just how disturbing an issue anger has become in modern day society, how it can be acknowledged and then addressed effectively. It is also hoped that greater awareness will help people manage their anger, using the right tools to calm themselves, and others, down.

Ultimately, if we can all think more carefully about how anger impacts our lives and come up with innovative ways to deal with it, maybe we can channel that anger and use it as a creative, rather than a destructive, force.