Are people with dementia getting the care they need?

Read about the research from Healthwatch England suggesting that dementia care needs to be improved. Often people needing care are unaware of what they can access and what they are entitled to. 
People with dementia

Over 850,000 people live with dementia in the UK. There are many different types of dementia, but what they have in common is that they worsen over time and there is no known cure.

As people's lives change drastically over time, the effects of the condition on them and their carers can be significant. This is why people with dementia need to have regular care reviews so their needs continue to be met. 

The Care Act (2014) states that everyone who uses social care must have at least one review each year, but this doesn't always happen.

What they did:

To find out whether people are getting the right dementia support as their condition deteriorates, Healthwatch England reviewed:

  • What over 700 people told them about their care.
  • The analysis of data from 97 councils about whether people’s needs are being assessed and reviewed.

What they found:

  • People don't always have a clear understanding of the support available to them and how to access care.
  • On average, people wait over two months between requesting support for dementia from the council, to that support being put in place. However by the time that people ask, they are at crisis point.
  • Once people have a care plan, only 45% are reviewed annually.
  • People with dementia are more likely to receive unplanned reviews triggered by an emergency or sudden event than general social care users.
  • 65% of people with dementia who had a review were referred for a full reassessment. However, half of these reassessments led to no change in the level of care and support.
  • One third of people with dementia, using long-term care services did not receive any review, whether planned or unplanned.

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