Meet our Enter and View Team volunteers

Enter and View is a specific legal power so those who lead the visits become 'Authorised Enter and View Representatives' once they have received full training. Below you can read more about the current members of our Enter and View team.

Some of our other volunteers can also be involved in an Enter and View visit, for example our research volunteers can help with background research and writing the report and our outreach volunteers may support with interviewing local people during visits if working with one of the Authorised Representatives.

Avril Horsford

Avril’s background is in higher education and her particular interest was in helping students to succeed academically by paying more attention to their physical and mental healthcare.

Now semi-retired, Avril continues to focus her interests on the community activities in which she has long been involved as a volunteer. This involvement allows her to enjoy the company of people of all ages and to engage with many different Wandsworth residents.

Avril says, "Through Enter & View, I am able to contribute to services from which I have benefitted."

Caroline Norrie

Having worked as a researcher in health and social care for over 15 years, Caroline was pleased to join the Wandsworth 'Enter and View' team in September 2015 and add her experience to the group.

Caroline currently works at the Social Care Workforce Research Unit (SCWRU) at King's College London. She evaluates and studies adult safeguarding, older people and care homes. Before this, Caroline worked at St George’s, University of London in the Interprofessional Institute.

Caroline says, "I feel that services can be improved when the public's opinions are fed back to staff and I look forward to being involved in this process."

Cherill Scott

Cherill Scott currently chairs the meetings of the Enter & View team and is also a member of the Executive Board of Healthwatch Wandsworth.

Cherill has lived in Wandsworth for many years, and she and her family have direct experience of using local NHS services. Before retirement, she had a career in academic research with a particular focus on investigating the quality of care in hospital and community health services.

Cherill's Healthwatch activities are focused on services for people with mental health problems and on acute hospital services.

Martin Haddon

Martin has 8 years experience as a counsellor in NHS primary care in Newham, 16 years experience as a volunteer bereavement counsellor with Wandsworth Bereavement Service and 9 years experience as a telephone helpline volunteer with SANEline.

Martin says, "I am thrilled to be part of the Enter & View team because I think it will be an interesting and a worthwhile use of some of my time and abilities as a retired person. Volunteering in this way can ensure people in the borough receive the best services available to them."

Nina Smith

Nina has a particular interest in issues around maternity care and early parenthood. She is a long-term Wandsworth resident and for over 25 years was an antenatal teacher in the area, preparing parents for birth and parenthood. She also worked with health professionals in community and hospital settings, both in London and around the country, to help improve maternity services and representing the views and real experiences of parents. For UNICEF she carried out a project interviewing expectant and new parents in Bosnia.

Nina has a qualification in Qualitative Research, gained with a dissertation on father's experiences of antenatal classes. She also has experience of interviewing women with disabilities on their experiences of motherhood.

Sara Turner

Since retiring from her post as a clinical psychologist in the NHS, Sara has looked for ways to use her skills, especially in audit and research, to continue to contribute to improving services for older people and other vulnerable groups. She believes that service providers should try to put themselves in the shoes of those whom they serve, to understand better what makes a real difference to peoples’ lives.

Sara says, "The Enter & View Team has an important role to play writing constructive reports with achievable recommendations which are followed up. I am glad to be part of it."

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If you are interested to join the Enter and View team, read the role description below and send an application form to us by email or by post.

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