Digital & Telephone Appointments Survey

We are appealing for people in Wandsworth to share their experiences of accessing health and care during coronavirus.
Digital Appointments Survey

We want to hear your experiences of accessing healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic.

Health and care services in Wandsworth have had to change to respond to the coronavirus.

While NHS and social care staff try to keep us well, the ways these services are being offered have had to drastically change. It is important that we understand how these changes are working for people as services move forward.

Appeal for people to speak to us about their experience of digital and telephone appointments.

To continue to protect patients from the coronavirus, GP practices and other health and care services are offering appointments in ways that are not face to face. This includes email contact, apps, telephone and video appointments.

Before the end of July, we need people who have a GP in Wandsworth to share their views on how digital or telephone appointments are working for them during this time.

Call or email us to take part:

1) Talk to us on the phone - call us to arrange an individual appointment

020 8516 7767 (between 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday)

2) Complete an online survey (or we can post it to you)

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‘Since the coronavirus pandemic, many more GP and outpatient consultations are being handled through the phone or on-line systems, instead of face to face. Some people find this change - which looks likely to continue - easy and convenient, but for others it can create difficulties. It is important that no-one is disadvantaged as technology is increasingly used in this way. So, we are keen to hear your experience if you have engaged with your GP or other NHS or care service via the phone or on-line, and what you found good or difficult about it.'
— Healthwatch Wandsworth Chair, Stephen Hickey

We have been working closely with NHS Wandsworth South West London Clinical Commissioning Group to design this project and make sure that the insight gathered can inform their ongoing recovery planning and possible future improvements.

Get in touch:

Call: 020 8516 7767 between 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday.
Post: Healthwatch Wandsworth, 3rd Floor Trident Business Centre 
89 Bickersteth Road, Tooting, SW17 9SH