Staff who can help you at GP surgeries

The range of health workers in GP practice is widening. This means that when you need support you may start to get this from staff who are not a GP, but people who specialise in other things.
GP and patient

It could mean that the staff at surgeries and the range of treatments available widen. The people often work between more than one practice, supporting GPs, we’ve included some more information below about some of them so that you know what you might expect.

Practice Clinical Pharmacist.

The role is to help the clinical teams by doing annual medication reviews and monitoring high risk medicines. Telephone clinics can be booked by patients via reception.  The pharmacist can advise and prescribe medication and it is expected the role will expand.

Practice Social Prescriber.
The social prescriber supports patients with social and some mental health needs depending on their skills and experience. GPs can refer patients for help with social isolation, long covid, housing needs etc.  Patients over 18 years can make direct contact.  The practitioner can signpost patients to appropriate resources and provide written material about Wandsworth voluntary and local authority organisations.  Some prescribers may run facilities e.g., wellbeing groups, for patients.

First Contact Practitioner Musculo-skeletal services. 
This can be a Physiotherapist or an osteopath
Their primary role in the Practice is to assess Musculo-skeletal disorders anywhere in the body aiming to maximise the patient’s mobility.  Consultations take 15-20 minutes during which the patient is provided with exercises.  The practitioner can refer on to physiotherapy at St Georges hospital, also x-ray, ultrasound, and/ or steroid injection, MRI and podiatry and can provide treatment if the patient is in pain.  Patients can book an appointment directly online or through reception.

Physician Assistant
These practitioners have a Masters level qualification covering the very beginning of medical training. They can do visits and triage but cannot prescribe at present. They must be supervised by a GP.

Some practices may employ these and they can prescribe.

Ryan Pharmacist, Wandsworth
Matt Paramedic, Merton

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