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The Eve Appeal has launched cancer, cancer risk, and cancer screening information, specifically for the transgender, non-binary and intersex communities, as well as tips for healthcare professionals in supporting their patients during screenings.
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For the transgender, non-binary and intersex communities, often specifically tailored cancer information is difficult to find, sparse, and inaccessible. There are thousands of people in the UK who may be at risk of gynaecological cancers and currently do not have access to the information they need to be aware of signs and symptoms, and confidently take action to prevent gynaecological cancers.

For some in the transgender, non-binary and intersex communities, going for their cervical screening appointment can be a difficult, even traumatic experience. The Eve Appeal hope their top tips will help people feel empowered and informed in what can be a very difficult experience, and help healthcare professionals support their patients as much as possible, to help everyone with a cervix prevent cervical cancer.

Dr Ellie Cannon, GP, says:

“As a GP, my working day will often include seeing someone for their cervical screening appointment. Trans men, and people who are intersex or identify as non-binary face more obstacles than cis women. There is a wide spectrum of barriers affecting these communities. The bottom line is that cervical screening needs to be more accessible to anyone with a cervix, and I’m proud to support The Eve Appeal in their aim to make this the case.”

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Visit the Eve Appeal website

There is a host of information on the website for everyone with a cervix:, including FAQs about screening:

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