Wandsworth Carers’ Guide Information for Unpaid Carers

Wandsworth council have updated their guide for unpaid Carers as well as professionals who meet them through their work. Read the guide for lots of information on getting support as a local carer.

The Guide has

Information about services and resources that are available to support Carers in their caring role and to have a life of their own outside of caring.

How to use this Carers Guide

This guide is set out in three sections

Part 1 - explains what this guide is about, who it is for, and how support services for Carers in Wandsworth are decided, commissioned and provided. It includes top tips for Carers and information about Carers’ rights.

Part 2 - gives information on a wide range of services, both local and national, that are aimed specifically at meeting the needs of unpaid Carers.  There are services to support Carers in their caring role, and to have a life outside of caring too.

In this part of the guide you will find an A-Z of Carers’ support service and separate sections covering areas that carers have said are important such as:

  • Peer support
  • Taking a break
  • Managing someone's else's affairs
  • Planning for the future

Part 3 - provides information about a wide range of local and national services that are not geared specifically to Carers but may be useful depending on the individual needs of the Carer or the person/s they support.

This part of the guide is arranged in the following sections:

  • NHS Services 
  • Wandsworth Adult Social Services
  • Safeguarding 
  • General Services A-Z listed by client group or subject matter/theme.

Supporting Carers in Wandsworth

The Wandsworth Carers strategy has been developed by Wandsworth Council and Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group (Wandsworth CCG) with involvement from Carers and Young Carers. The strategy reflects national Government policy for Carers and sets out the local priorities for supporting Carers and Young Carers in Wandsworth. The main priorities are:

  • Priority 1 - Identification and Recognition of Carers and Young Carers
  • Priority 2 - Realising and releasing potential
  • Priority 3 - Supporting Carers and Young Carers to stay healthy
  • Priority 4 - A life alongside caring

There is an action plan detailing what will be done to address these priorities.

Through their participation in the Carers Partnership Board, Carers will be involved in monitoring the implementation of the strategy.

You can view or download the Carers Strategy here

To read the guide click below:

Read the Wandsworth Carers Guide

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