New video to raise awareness of local Sexual Health and HIV testing

People living in Wandsworth can now watch a video which details ways in which they can access sexual health services and learn more about HIV testing.

What the video shows you

The film follows two people's journeys as they get tested for HIV at a sexual health hub in South West London and at an outreach event.

The aim is to show people how to access the services and to encourage people to get tested regularly. This could help people get an early diagnosis and access to highly effective treatments. In turn, this would allow people living with HIV the ability to live full and healthy lives.

For more Information

All sexual health services in the film are available across Wandsworth, Richmond and Merton. The film is supported by both Wandsworth and Richmond Councils as well as Spectra-London, which is an organisation that runs outreach services in the three different South West London Boroughs.

More details about services are available on the sexual health website.

You can watch the video below:

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