Thrive LDN - Supporting Londoners' Mental Health

Do you want to work towards creating happier and healthier lives for all Londoners? Read about how Thrive London will help us achieve this.
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At present, more than 2 million people in London are suffering with some form of mental health issue - that's the equivalent of 13 people on every bus, or 100 people on every tube. Which is a lot of people.
As a result, Thrive LDN has created a London-wide initiative that aims to get Londoners talking to each other about their mental health and well-being, and to take action to make themselves and others happier and healthier.

The movement aims to:

  • Get individuals to take charge of their own mental health
  • Get rid of the stigma and discrimination that sometimes surrounds poor mental health
  • Create mental health services that people really need
  • Make London a 'zero suicide' city

The wider ambition is that eventually this citywide work will provide a range of locally owned Thrive hubs and initiatives that focus on the needs of local communities.

In the meantime, Thrive LDN will be holding a number of events throughout the year that locals can attend and are encouraging as many people as possible to sign up to the movement.

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