LGBT+ & Mental Health

LGBT+ people are more likely to experience mental ill health than the wider population.
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Around 40 per cent of LGBT+ people experience a mental health issue, compared to 25 per cent of the wider population.

However, LGBT+ people are often overlooked when health commissioning decisions are made because of a lack of data and poor consultation. 

Generic mental health services are not meeting the current needs of LGBT+ people. 

Without specialist support LGBT+ people will continue to experience mental health inequality, stigma and discrimination.

Future Plans

The London Assembly Health Committee has published its findings and recommendations to the Mayor of London so that he can provide better mental health support for LGBT+ people.

Among the recommendations made are:

  • Mainstream services – not just mental health services – must be better equipped to support LGBT+ people to maintain good mental health.
  • LGBT+ people need to be more directly involved in shaping services that meet their needs.
  • Hospital staff and GP surgeries, including frontline staff should be more LGBT+ friendly with improved equality and diversity training.
  • In developing mental health services the Mayor and the London Health Board should ensure that the specific mental health needs of LGBT+ people are explicitly set out.

To find out more or to read the report visit the Mayor of London's website.

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