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For better health and social care

Tell us Your Mental Health Stories


Suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally, among people of all ages.

Self-harm or suicide can be a response to any situation or pressure, including school and work, bullying, financial worries, abuse, and long-term mental health issues.

For many people facing such challenges, accessing the right support can be difficult. At Healthwatch, over the last two years, 34,000 people have shared their stories with us of using mental health services, but only a small proportion have been about getting support at a time when someone has self-harmed or felt suicidal.

We need more information about people’s experiences of support when they are self-harming or feeling suicidal and whether or not services are doing everything possible to support them. If you can take a minute to share your story with us, you will help improve support for everyone by letting services hear what's worked and what could be better. 

Find out more about the resources available to those that are struggling with suicidal thoughts, or get in touch with us to share your story. All information is kept strictly confidential.