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For better health and social care

NHS Videos Show the Funny Side of When Not to Visit A&E


Professional actors have used some of their free time to appear alongside NHS staff as people visiting the A&E department when they really don't need to. The characters include women waiting for treatment for hair-dye disasters and botched false nails, a pushy 'show biz' mum desperate for her son to be seen by senior doctors for diarrhoea, and even a man hoping A&E staff will help his poorly dog!

Funny and extreme as the videos might be, the serious side of the message is that when people visit A&E unecessarily, they put pressure on an already stretched service. In the North West alone, more than 400,000 people who could have been treated or advised by a pharmacist or GP, or looked after themselves at home, went to A&E departments in the last 12 months. And every minute that an A&E doctor or nurse spends treating very minor problems reduces the time they can spend attending to people who have suffered heart attacks, strokes and other life-threatening injuries.

Click here to watch the videos and remember - give A&E a break (not a sprain)!