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For better health and social care

Healthwatch Assembly Update - 23 May


Health inequalities were top of the agenda at our last Assembly held on the 23 May - specifically, their impact on minority community groups in Wandsworth and on people with long-term health conditions, such as Diabetes.

We examined exactly what constitutes a health inequality and what that might mean if you belong say, to a specific ethnic group, or live in a certain area of Wandsworth. We also looked at why health inequalities should be tackled and reduced, and the benefits of doing so.

Our final presentation focussed on caring for people with learning disabilities, people who are already disadvantaged in many ways, and how one team at St George's hospital has worked hard to make sure that they receive the treatment and care appropriate to their needs.

All the presentations from the meeting are attached below. Please get in touch if you have something you'd like to share with us about any of the topics discussed at that meeting. You can email us, or call 020 8516 7767.



Health Inequalities in Wandsworth

Caring for Adults with Learning Disabilities at St George's Hospital

Enter & View Team Update

St George's Response to E&V Visit