Covid-19 Survey: Tell us how you are managing

Health and social care services have had to drastically change the support they offer the public. It is important that we understand how these changes are working for people.

Healthwatch Wandsworth wants to hear from as many people as possible about how you have been managing your health during this time. We would very much appreciate if we could have a few minutes of your time to give us this feedback.

Share your experiences and those of people you know anonymously.

This will help local health and care services understand what needs there are locally, how their services are working, what is working well and where things can be made better as things change.

We want to know about:

  • How easy it has been to find information to help you manage your health
  • If you've tried to get health and care support, how has this gone?
  • Has the pandemic situation affected your mental health and have you tried to get support?

We will also share findings with Healthwatch England to help them help central government departments understand and learn from what is happening from your perspective.

You can take part by completing the survey online by clicking on the link below, or why not give us a call to talk it through.

Covid-19 Survey

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You can help make health and care services better by sharing your experiences and ideas.

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